Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coaching & Preaching Services Available

Our key strengths include 

Ideas/Principle Approach
Communication (Natural & Prophetic)

Principle tools we use in assessing and ministering to a local church leadership team include our spiritual gifts by the leading of the Holy Spirit, Natural Church Development annual assessment and coaching process (a test plus team meetings with your local team), Leadership assessment and development tools and coaching. 

We use the 8 gauges of healthy churches to help leaders get a reading on what is their greatest barrier for church to effective grow through evangelism.  We have seen consistent application of these principles turn around many churches in a variety of communities in 6 states and 2 nations. Our skills include cross cultural communication with some understanding of Slavic and Chinese cultures.

The aspects we can measure and help you track are:

LeadershipMinistryEvangelismWorship AdministrationSpiritualitySmall GroupsRelationships

Preaching the gospel: Helping pastors preach the Old Testament in a way that strengthens your members faith in Jesus:

Teaching:  The gospel of grace.  Christ in Genesis.  Finding your ministry in the body of Christ. The art of discerning and handling prophetic words.  Breakthrough in Kingdom Missions.  What is kingdom leadership and how do we grow in it?

Coaching: We have experience in all 8 qualities of NCD. Our specialties include Ministry. We can provide spiritual gift counselor training and the implementation of a congregation-wide approach to identify and place people into ministries. Keys to implementation as well as a wide range of tasks required to effectively release your members into a ministry that fits who God created them to be.

Our approach has a strong tilt towards helping you ask the right questions in the presence of the Holy Spirit so that you discover (and therefore own) an organic and unique approach to strengthening your work. We do not typically recommend models because models tend to not fit unless they are customize-able.  We do typically recommend tools when asked or when we feel it is helpful.

We use our learner strengths to grow in knowledge that can help you and to also gain a deeper understanding of the principles at work in your ministry so that we can draw them out more effectively. We are growing in our understanding of Asian and American cultural bridges.  We also have some familiarity with popular and effective Asian tools and bi-lingual training issues and cross-cultural gaps when transferring concepts.

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