Sunday, October 6, 2013

God's Provision and a spark of faith multiplying!

Do you remember the story of how Jesus healed James Kaufman of a weakened arm condition in 2010? And then again in 2012 the Lord healed his other arm of the exact same condition, each time after I prayed a simple prayer of faith in Jesus' name? Well here is his photo and my other friend Dela-Corlley from West Africa who was there and witnessed both healings. So more has happened.
After hearing Randy Clark teach on sharing testimonies of healings to help people put their faith in Jesus before you pray for them, I have shared this story about James many times. A young man was healed after hearing this story when I prayed for his nasal septum damage. He was instantly healed and his surgeon cancelled his surgery. Well the story continues. Tonight, October 6, 2013, I received my old Ford van back the one James started working on in 2012. He had replaced the engine in his spare time! So on the way home I felt the Spirit prompting me to stop at a McDonald's in LeRoy to get a coke. I resisted that idea. But continuing to feel the Lord speaking to me I finally yielded and drove to the McDonald's, which was still open. When I got inside I saw a man who struck me as a real live hillbilly. He had his son with him (I don't mean anything derogatory by the nickname hillbilly-I don't know how else to describe him). So I went by him to get my drink and said hello. He started talking to me. Before we knew it I was sharing with him about how I got my old van back on the road thanks to the generous labor of my friend James. Then the Spirit prompted me to share the healing story with this man, right at the fountain machine in the McDonald's of LeRoy, Illinois. So there I was telling a glory story about how Jesus heals people today. The next thing I knew this man said to me, 'That is my exact same problem. My shoulder hurts. Can you touch it?' I offered to put my hand on it and pray for him. After I prayed a very short, one sentence prayer, he stood there with a smile on his face. So I asked him to try out his shoulder and see if it was better. He began moving it in a circular motion trying to see if it still had a pop sound. He suddenly smiled and said there was no more pop in his shoulder. Then he said it felt better. Then he started smiling really big and he threw both arms around me and hugged me. Mind you, I'm a hugger. He hugged me about twice as long as I would hug someone. Still it was really good. I told him that Jesus loves him and wants to be close to him. He thanked me and inquired about the church I attend so I shared with him that we attend the Vineyard in Urbana. After he heard we lived in Champaign county he gave me another hug and asked God to give me safe travels. It's just wonderful to see God healing people in a McDonald's restaurant while we are going about our every day life. It's also comforting to know that God really did lead me to get that coke at that particular restaurant at the time He did. Look at who was standing around waiting for a touch from God!

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